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Food Allergies aren't Forever

Food allergies can cause anything from indigestion to asthma, eczema, arthritis, autoimmune thyroid or inflammation in any other part of the body. They're usually the foods that we love and enjoy daily, but now it seems they make us feel tired and bloated. Why does this happen? That food was great last week?

What's going on?

Wheat, dairy, soy, eggs, chocolate, corn... these are the most common sensitivities, but a person can become sensitive to anything at all. In a food sensitivity, the immune system accidentally tags a certain food as a threat. The immune reaction creates inflammation and swelling at the site of food contact which is the gut so now the gut is inflamed and it is allowing more food particles to leak into the bloodstream. If it goes on long enough the overactive immune system gets further confused and begins to attack body tissue like the skin to create eczema or the thyroid for autoimmune thyroid conditions.

How to fix it

In order to fix this reaction, we have to remove the food temporarily to halt inflammation and allow healing to occur. We can strengthen digestion so food is properly broken down and heal the gut lining so whole food particles don't leak into the bloodstream again. We can improve liver function so any toxins are cleared out faster and don't stick around as long to cause problems. Usually, this allergy fix also fixes the autoimmune reaction, whether it is the skin, thyroid or any other tissue that's being accidentally attacked.

A food sensitivity is not a permanent state. The gut can be healed or exacerbated depending on what we put into our bodies every day. The trick is simply to add more healing foods than allergic foods and the body will respond by healing itself.

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