Are you suffering from Adrenal Burnout?

  1. Are you frequently tired after a busy day even if you sleep well?

  2. Do you crave salty foods?

  3. Do you get dizzy when standing up suddenly?

  4. Do you have dark circles under your eyes?

  5. Do you get nauseous easily?

  6. Does your body feel puffy and swollen?

  7. Do you feel an adrenaline shock to the brain when you hear loud noises?

  8. Do you get more energy in the evening close to bedtime?

  9. Have you been diagnosed with one or more autoimmune disorders?

  10. Do you use caffeine or sugar to keep yourself going?

  11. Are you a perfectionist?

The adrenal glands can make us into an awesome powerhouse. Supermom, perfect and successful; but it comes at a cost. Overused adrenal glands get trigger happy, shooting out adrenaline that feels like a shock to the brain at every little surprise. Other days the adrenals are too tired to get you out of bed in the morning. In any health plan it’s important to calm the adrenals first, then other health issues tend to fall into place on their own.

I specialize in helping women recover from stress and illness using gentle food, supplement and lifestyle adjustments, no judgements. Thanks, Anna



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Nutrition is not a replacement for medical care - please continue to see your medical doctor.

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