Irritable Bowel Approaches

Suzie was visiting Mendocino from Texas and happened to walk into my office looking for a restroom. She was on a wonderful road trip across the west coast and struggling with urgent trips to the restroom all day. Not a good combination.

I needed to know Kathy’s travel itinerary in order to figure out which foods she was capable of preparing or ordering out. We came up with a plan of some simple meals and snacks she could travel with and agreed on some meals she could order at a restaurant. We also added one supplement to digest food and one more to heal the irritated bowels.

By the time Kathy reached Seattle the urgency was gone and she was able to sit for a long car ride without fear. Next month when Kathy gets home we will continue to meet face to face using the computer. We want to repair her digestive system so she can enjoy more foods and eventually use less supplements.

Stress and aging simply wears down the digestive juices needed to break food down and make healthy bowel movements resulting in loose stools. The simplest solution is to replace the digestive juices with supplements and choose very simple foods that don’t require much digestion. The next step is to get to the bottom of the problem and really repair digestive health so you can enjoy vibrant health and vibrant meals for the rest of your vibrant life.

Have you found certain foods that help your digestive system to work better?

Nutrition Consulting is not a replacement for medical care. Please continue to see your medical doctor.



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Nutrition is not a replacement for medical care - please continue to see your medical doctor.

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