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Relieving Body Pain Without Ibuprofen.

Kathy was an active adult in her 70’s. She lived my dream – dropping by airplane into the Alaskan wilderness to river raft for 10 days with a group of friends. My job was to investigate her seemingly vibrant health for weak links because she wanted to continue this lifestyle as long as possible.

It didn’t take long to find that Kathy was in pain a lot of the time during these fabulous escapades and was taking ibuprofen all day long. I reviewed her diet, which was very good. I did find a shortage of one simple anti-inflammatory nutrient which was easily added as a healthy supplement.

One month later, when I asked Kathy about body pain and ibuprofen she had forgotten where the bottle was! Her body was no longer in pain. We had given her the raw materials to prevent the pain cycle from even beginning.

I love this story and it’s a common one – forgetting where the ibuprofen is. Your body wants to live vibrant and pain free. We just have to give it the raw materials to do the job. Our food sources have changed so much in the last 75 years that the same foods don’t have the nutrition our bodies have evolved to need.

Where is the pain in your body? Is the pain from inflammatory foods or from a deficiency of one nutrient? Are your Migraine’s triggered by food or stress? Is your knee pain from from not enough manganese or too much sugar?

This information is not a replacement for medical care. Please continue to see your medical doctor.

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