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Is Mercury Causing your Symptoms?

I was working nights, raising two little girls and going to nutrition school when my symptoms began raging out of control. I already had IBS, hashimotos, depression and anxiety, but suddenly I had allergic swelling of the face along with severe insomnia. At the same time, my nutrition school provided me with a hair analysis in order to understand testing procedures. My results for mercury were off the charts.

I was lucky that my mercury toxicity was accidentally discovered. After discovery, though, it took years to truly understand and reverse the damage that had been done from the mercury removal protocol. This has put me on a mission to understand the safe and healthy way to remove mercury for my clients.

Where did the mercury come from?

I had a mouthful of silver fillings and I had been eating Ahi tuna regularly when my symptoms started. Perhaps I absorbed some mercury prenatally from my mother, maybe I played with a broken mercury thermometer and maybe I was unable to detox the mercury from my childhood vaccines.

Mercury can come from silver fillings, in large ocean fish such as tuna, from some vaccines and babies can absorb mercury during pregnancy. Mercury used to be in thermometers and topical antiseptic as well as other medicines. We don’t always know where it comes from, but we do know how to remove it.

In some people the mercury goes in and then out – neatly removed through the liver, bowels and kidneys without sticking around to cause damage. In others, like myself, the detox systems aren’t working so great so the body deposits mercury in the tissues instead of removing it.

What are the symptoms of mercury toxicity?

Autoimmune disorders which can include anything from eczema to hashimotos to full blown MS have been contributed to Mercury poisoning. Psychological disorders ranging from depression to bipolar to Alzheimer’s have been attributed to mercury toxicity. Immune system weaknesses such as Candida overgrowth or Lyme’s disease may indicate mercury toxicity. These diseases are not always caused by mercury, but it’s worth checking your mercury levels if you are suffering from any autoimmune, weak immune system or psychological condition. The good news is, while some of these diseases are ‘incurable’, mercury toxicity is reversible.

My more severe allergic reactions disappeared within a few months of starting chelation. My face wasn’t swelling up anymore and I could sleep through the night. I was able to stop the Thyroid medication immediately after having my last filling removed. With more chelation, strengthening and healing - the IBS, depression and anxiety are mostly gone.

How do you remove the mercury from the body?

Removal is tricky because anytime you move a dangerous substance, it will collide with new parts of the body. For example, cilantro is a popular chelator because it helps mercury to cross the blood brain barrier but how do you tell if cilantro is moving mercury into or out of the brain!

I use a 5 step system to safely protect the body from mercury and alleviate symptoms.

  1. Clean up the diet and the environment – make sure there are no other toxins going into the body and provide nourishment to strengthen and stabilize.

  2. Replenish antioxidants and minerals to protect tissues – mercury can deplete important nutrients, which makes body tissue more susceptible to damage and interferes with body processes.

  3. Clean up the gut – resolve any constipation so mercury and any toxin can move out of the body and not be reabsorbed.

  4. Liver function – give specific liver nutrients to make sure the liver is able to remove heavy metals from the bloodstream. If the liver gets overloaded with other toxins, it will leave these metals in the bloodstream to be reabsorbed.

  5. Mercury fillings removed and Chelation – after the pathway to remove mercury is completely cleared, we will embark on removing mercury from the body very gently and slowly if needed.

When I began trying to remove mercury from my body I was advised to go straight into phase 5 without any preparation. I ended up with a very sick liver and allergic to the heavy duty chelator that was used. Years later I have worked backward, through the other 4 steps and recovered from mercury poisoning.

I have seen this again and again where people come to me for help recovering from mercury chelation. Actually steps 1-4 are more important than the chelation. Sometimes steps 1-4 are so effective at opening up the detox channels that mercury naturally begins to detox and chelation isn't necessary.

If you’re suffering from Autoimmune disease, neurological condition or a weakened immune system, maybe it’s mercury? A hair analysis is a fairly inexpensive test that can reveal if there’s mercury build up in the body that could be contributing to your sickness.

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