Three Steps to Recover from Adrenal Burnout

The adrenals are tiny little organs that allow you to defend yourself from a lion and lift a whole car off of a loved one. In these situations the adrenals are lifesaving, secreting adrenaline that gives you superhuman strength and speed that helps you survive. The adrenals don’t care whether you are running from a lion, sitting in traffic, suffering low blood sugar or having an allergic reaction. In every instance they work hard to fight the invader. If you stress too much these little organs get trigger happy, pumping out hormones at every little noise. If you feel a shock to the brain when a car backfires or someone drops a dish then your adrenals are overreacting. Eventually they get tired, only able to make adrenaline with extreme stress, but not making other hormones to get you out of bed in the morning.

Then you resort to coffee which further stimulates the adrenals. Minor allergies get worse and the whole body begins to feel swollen and tired. Stress, caffeine, allergies, lack of rest and low blood sugar all contribute to adrenal burnout. You can recover from adrenal burnout by resting, removing all sources of stress and nourishing the adrenals with food and supplements.

Rest Resting is usually the most difficult step. You must get plenty of sleep which means turning the lights out before 10 pm and lying down for half an hour in the afternoon. There is no substitute for rest.

Remove stress Activities that may be causing stress include over exercising, caffeine, low blood sugar, and food allergies. Coffee and tea are herbal medicine for some people and for others they are a dangerous addiction. If your adrenals are stressed you may feel like you need caffeine to function, but the caffeine is the very source of your pain. Coffee and tea do not give you more energy, but they steal tomorrow’s energy. Can you afford to sacrifice tomorrow’s energy? Dropping caffeine is important, but you don’t have to go cold turkey. There are supplements and supportive strategies to help you make the transition.

Food allergies trigger a stress reaction. The most common allergens are wheat, dairy, soy and chocolate. If the idea of giving up your morning bagel and cream cheese is making you panic already, then its likely breakfast is giving you an adrenaline rush, weakening the adrenals in the long run. Don’t get excited and throw out the bagels yet. In order to heal the adrenals you need to fill your life with hearty healthy foods before making major changes.

Nourish the adrenals Nutrition medicine looks at the building blocks of the adrenal gland then provides those nutrients to build the organ up. This is not a time for a cleansing diet – if you’re feeling weak it is time to build. To nourish the adrenals you need plenty of healthy food to prevent the stress of low blood sugar and to strengthen the whole body.

To nourish the adrenals with supplements we use vitamins and glandular that build up the structure of the adrenals along with herbs that help the adrenals to adapt to stress. I have specific Adrenal recommendatinos here

Today’s busy lifestyle provides a constant source of stress. Our bodies weren’t designed to be bombarded daily with stress, caffeine, allergies, low blood sugar and lack of rest. Eventually some people begin to break down, suffering adrenal burnout. The body can heal, but it is a step by step process of giving your body the strengthening support, food and supplements while slowly removing everyday stressors.


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