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3 Recipes for the Humble Potato

Soft and creamy, the perfect palette for butter, salt and some crispy heat – the humble potato. I usually buy red or yellow potatoes then steam them in a pot with an inch of water and a lid. They are done when a fork is inserted easily. I precook potatoes and place them in the fridge to cool so they are ready to make into any dish quickly. I don’t have the time to cook then roast, fry or mash potatoes at one meal. During the rest of the week I have a bowl of potatoes to work from for any easy meal.

Smash browns – heat 1 tablespoon bacon grease, butter or coconut oil in a cast iron pan and sprinkle with salt. Place a whole cooked potato in the hot pan then use the back of a strong spatula to ‘smash’ the potato into the pan. Brown that side, then flip and brown the other side.

Oven fries – slice the precooked potatoes in wedge shapes and place on greased cookie sheet. Sprinkle with oil (avocado oil or coconut oil for the high heat), salt and pepper and grated garlic. Cook at 450° for half hour or more until they are golden brown.

Mashed potatoes – slice cooked potatoes in quarters and place in a pot with an inch of chicken stock or water. Steam until they are warm then mash with a masher – pushing straight down with the tool. don’t whip them as this will turn the starches gooey. Add butter and salt to taste.

Precooked potatoes are perfect for potato salad or twice baked potatoes.

How my lazy potato method improves health

This cooking and cooling technique has another benefit – it converts part of the potato to resistant starch. When a starch like potatoes (and pasta or rice) is cooked and then cooled some of the starch is converted to resistant starch. Resistant starch doesn’t absorb into the bloodstream thereby lowering the blood sugar rise from these potatoes. Resistant starch stays in the gut where it feeds good bacteria further improving health by boosting the microbiome of beneficial bacteria in the gut. I was just being lazy by precooking potatoes, turns out it was a health tip!

Potatoes and histamine intolerance

Don’t precook potatoes if you’re dealing with any histamine or mast cell issues. Any food that sits around starts growing histamines so food should be consumed fresh. There are other ways to reduce the histamine response, but when cooking potatoes just don’t add to your histamine load.

Potatoes and blood sugar

Potato is the carbohydrate, blood sugar raising, part of a meal. Eating a plain russet potato raises the blood sugar as much as a tablespoon of straight sugar! Cook, cool and reheat the russet potato and it won’t raise blood sugar as fast. Eat the russet potato with butter, roast chicken and a side of broccoli and it will provide a healthy, slow rise in blood sugar plus a nutritious meal. The creamier potatoes like red, yellow or fingerling potatoes have a smaller effect on blood sugar to begin with. The blood sugar effect is lowered by heating and cooling and lowered again by combining the potato with protein, fiber and fat.

My potatoes are sprouting!

Potato sprouts are poisonous, along with all the leafy parts of all nightshade vegetables. When a potato has just begun sprouting it’s ok to slice off and discard the sprout and cook the potato. If the sprout is over a half inch then the potato is only suitable for planting. Simply cut up the potato with 1 sprout to each chunk of potato, set it in the dirt and water it. Potatoes are easy to grow and can be grown year-round.

Potato production and French fries

Over half of United States' potatoes are grown in Idaho and Washington: Over half of United States&