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How to Find Your Personal Healing Foods

One of my first food discovery moments was oatmeal. On an early morning ski trip to Tahoe, I ordered a traditional bowl of oatmeal with raisins, cinnamon, brown sugar and cream. I remember being amazed - AHA - I had so much energy for skiing and didn't feel weak or hungry until the afternoon! Hmmm, something about the oatmeal was good and something about my usual breakfast wasn't working so well?

Why? - Oatmeal is very high in fiber and protein which is why it provides energy for a longer time than most cereals. The beta glucan in oats has been shown to lower cholesterol so well that the FDA has approved that claim on food labels. Read more about Instant Homemade Oatmeal.

Another food discovery moment - My mother discovered that I had a crying meltdown when I skipped lunch to go on a 'diet.' I wasn't ready to understand what happened or learn the lesson, but Mom made me pack a lunch from then on. It took many more meltdowns before I learned to use food to stabilize my mood.

Why? - Low blood sugar simply starves the brain and leaves us vulnerable to mood swings and making poor food choices. People have very different needs, so one person may require a large protein breakfast to keep energy and mood stable for the day while another may be perfectly healthy snacking on fruit and carbs all day. The trick is to notice what's working well for you, personally. Food choices can work to heal blood sugar problems and prevent mood swings. Read about food timing for mood swings.

And the food discovery moment that changed my life - During college I worked at a fabulous French bakery. Breakfast was a fresh baguette smothered in butter and dipped into hot coffee with cream. Yummm, but I wasn't feeling well. I had a swollen achy belly and a rash across my face. I decided to simply not eat bread and within a few days my belly pain and swelling went away and my face cleared up. I suddenly had so much energy I felt like jumping!

Why? - My whole body was reacting to wheat gluten. Healthy, handmade delicious sourdough bread was triggering an immune reaction inside my belly that traveled into the bloodstream and caused inflammation everywhere it could. Remove the trigger and the problem was gone.

30 years later, oatmeal is no longer one of my healing foods; I've learned to eat lunch daily so I don't have a crying meltdown and I've healed my gut enough that I can eat sourdough bread occasionally, though not every day. Here's a summary of healing gluten intolerance.

Have you ever had an Aha moment when a particular food made you feel really good?

Did you feel fine after lunch and through the afternoon?

How did you feel after breakfast this morning?

Did you get weak and extra hungry at 4?

Does your body react to certain proteins in different foods, or is it all about calories - protein, carbs. fiber and fat? Schedule a time to talk and figure out the best foods for you, regardless of calories.


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