How Fear and Deprivation cause Weight Gain.

When the body senses danger or a lack of food supply, the thyroid automatically lowers metabolism in order to conserve calories and store fat. It's a simple survival method that can get out of control and cause a variety of health problems, including weight gain.

In a healthy body, the thyroid releases T4 which is converted to T3, the active hormone. T3 is the thyroid hormone that raises body temperature, metabolism and everything from heart rate to liver function and energy. When the body senses danger or starvation, then some of the T4 is converted to Reverse T3, helping you store fat in case of emergency. Reverse T3 is inactive, so body temperature, metabolism, heart, liver and energy are lowered.

Another way to think about it, is the balance between the thyroid which regulates metabolism and the adrenals which regulate stress. When stress goes down, metabolism goes up. When the adrenals go up, the thyroid goes down.

So, to raise metabolism and improve liver detoxification and energy we have to tell our hormones that everything is ok and there's no risk of death or starvation. Think relaxation, sleep, play, meditation, enjoyable exercise and eating healthy, hearty meals on a regular basis. These healthy activities tell your body, adrenals and thyroid that all is good and it's ok to burn up calories as extra energy to enjoy this fabulous time of life.

If you've been living in fear or restricting calories for a long time it can take time to teach your hormones that everything is ok and it's healthy and safe to use up extra calories as energy to do fun things. I use food, supplements and gentle lifestyle adjustments to bring these hormones back into balance.

You can start today with a gratitude list to appreciate some things about where you are right now in life. This step was amazing for me - I realized I had lived my whole life in fear of bad things happening, even when I'm healthy and my family is well! This simple fact has helped me to lower my stress levels and heal my thyroid hormones.

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