Persimmons & Pumpkin Seeds

A simple, delicious and healthy snack that only comes once a year - Persimmons & Pumpkin Seeds.

Persimmons are available during the winter holidays in 2 types - the Fuyu Persimmon, pictured above, is sliced and eaten like a soft sweet apple. The Hachiya Persimmon is larger and ripens into a jelly consistency that you can spread on toast. Persimmons should be eaten when soft and ripe, so leave them on the counter until they're barely squishy. Unripe persimmons are no fun at all.

Pumpkin seeds are one of the best vegetarian sources of zinc and available year round as a tasty snack or a seed butter. If you carved jack-o-lanterns this year you can save the seeds, coat them with oil and salt then roast on a low heat and you've harvested your own pumpkin seeds.

  • For heartburn - pumpkin seeds contain zinc that is necessary to properly digest food, and prevent indigestion and heartburn.

  • For diverticulitis - pumpkin seeds are available as a nut butter, with all the beneficial zinc minus the irritating seeds. Simply dollop the pumpkin seed butter on the persimmon for a nice treat.

  • For autoimmune disease - both pumpkin seeds and persimmons are low allergenic which means it's very unlikely to cause a reaction. Persimmons are especially low allergenic, because they're only available once a year so you can't possibly eat too many and develop a sensitivity to them.

  • For immune health - pumpkin seeds contain zinc which is important for the immune system and the orange color in persimmons indicate they're high in beta- carotene for immune health and eye health.

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