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The Humble Potato

September is potato season here on the Mendocino coast - throwing a few potatoes into the oven is a great way to heat up the house when it's not cold enough to start a fire or turn on a heater.

3 Recipes for the Humble Potato - Soft and creamy, the perfect palette for butter, salt and some crispy heat. I usually buy red or................

roasted potatoes

Or go Vegetarian with Mashed Potatoes, Lentils & Rapini.

Potatoes, especially the skins, are high in potassium and vitamins A, C and E. After they're cooked then cooled they become healthier! The starches change after cooling so the same potatoes don't raise blood sugar as much. Personally I feel great when I eat potatoes, but I'm still healing my reactions to corn and wheat. For some people, potatoes can cause joint pain and for others potatoes may be too high in carbs. How do you feel after a meal with potatoes?

I've been doing a deep dive into Gut Microbiome testing and life coaching. It's fun to geek out on the perfect probiotic for arthritis or mindset shifts. I got so distracted that I didn't send food inspiration emails. My own lesson is to keep coming back to the basics of food.


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