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Food Therapy Detective Agency


Release Weight and Body Pain without Hunger

If you’re like most women I work with, then you may have tried to address weight gain by eating less, restricting calories or watching carbs or fat intake. 


Reducing calories is only a solution for the few who are actually overeating!

But there’s a problem with reducing calories…


Most of you are already undereating so when you reduce calories to lose weight; this sends a message to your thyroid to lower metabolism, conserve energy and store fat while increasing sugar cravings in a simple effort to survive!   


You know what I’m talking about right?   


You’re eating a piece of fruit for breakfast and a salad for lunch only to crave a chocolate chip cookie at 3 pm and then you’re exhausted and hungry all evening.   Even if willpower could overturn the survival instinct of the afternoon cookie, removing a cookie won’t raise your metabolism to turn food into vibrant energy.   


But it doesn’t need to be that way…


Imagine if we could switch the message and tell your thyroid that food is plentiful, and your metabolism is free to convert all food into a healthy body and vibrant energy!  What if there are 'healthy' foods you're eating daily that are lowering metabolism?  What if sourdough bread doesn't really cause weight gain for you?  


In this program, we use a system to actually test your personal reaction to each and every food to see if it's a daily food to stimulate metabolism or an occasional food that lowers metabolism.   I’ve combined all of the nutrition and lifestyle tricks to unburden your thyroid so it can stimulate metabolism and turn food into vibrant energy.


This plan allows your thyroid to raise metabolism and turn calories into vibrant energy.


  1. Food Therapy works by increasing calories, so you have more energy.

  2. Your personal healthiest foods are rotated with fun foods, so you’re not deprived of birthday cake.

  3. Food Therapy is a long-term way of life so you can continue weight loss after the class is over.


 The Food Therapy Weight Loss Program


This class shows you how to stop struggling and restricting and start eating your way to vibrant energy.

Here’s what you get when you sign up now –


  1. A simple trick for figuring out which foods help you reduce weight.

  2. A surprise when you find ‘healthy’ foods that are actually causing weight gain!

  3. Discover the quick and easy way to have healthy, satisfying meals readily available.

  4. Other symptoms like nasal drip, hot flashes and achy joints usually disappear.

  5. Lifetime access to my online portal with a diet journal and tracking system.

  6. A full year of access to class materials, plus the food journal and tracking system.

  7. 4 weeks of instruction by zoom, handouts and recipes to learn the Food Therapy system.


And much more – this class gives you everything you need to switch your metabolism process so that food is turned into vibrant energy instead of stored as fat.


How much is it?         Would you trade a healthy metabolism for a takeout Pizza?


  1. For only 4 weeks - come to the weight loss program instead of ordering takeout pizza. 

  2. $125 for the 4 week course.

  3. You will have access to the materials and food journal system for a full year. 

  4. After this one month program - it's ok to eat that take out gourmet Pizza!

The Food Therapy Weight Loss Class is a self paced online program with email support.   

Access the self paced online class here 

Schedule to talk about the online program here 


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