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Magic Pills for Digestive Fire

Strong digestion can make any food into vibrant energy and weak digestion can make any food into poison. We can use nutrition to stimulate digestive fire and we can use supplements to simulate digestive fire.

We all know someone who can eat anything at all, have plenty of energy and never gain weight. This is because their stomach is like a fireplace – burning all food into a fine ash of vitamins, minerals and energy. This concept of digestive fire is important in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine but often skipped in Western nutrition.

Western nutrition focuses on which foods are ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Removing gluten, dairy, sugar, ice cream, hamburgers, anything we consider deliciously decadent etc. These foods aren’t bad, they’re just harder to digest so weak digestion allows these foods to turn into excess weight, pain and inflammation. With special foods and stress reduction we can work to stimulate your own digestive fire, but that takes a long time and requires temporary food restriction. For faster results, we can use magic pills to simulate strong digestion.

Here’s my cheat sheet, to replace your own digestive fire so that food burns up into vitamins, minerals and energy. Enjoy 3 full, unrestricted meals per day and take 1 of each of these with every meal.

  • Stomach acid to burn up food – Betaine Hydrochloric acid pills.

  • This directly replaces strong stomach acid which is your digestive fire.

  • Enzymes to break down food – Digestive enzyme Ultra.

  • Enzymes act like little pacmen – breaking down food molecules into vitamins and minerals.

  • Probiotics to regulate bowels and make more vitamins – Megaspore biotic

  • Weight gain and all health imbalances have a specific profile of imbalanced probiotics that we call the gut microbiome.

  • Bringing the microbiome back into balance can help bring health back into balance.

Health and digestion are fickle and this protocol may need some tweaking. After years of weak digestion, the system can get too weak to handle strong digestion. Here are a few troubleshooting tips for working through the benefits of magic pills for digestive fire.

  • Betaine Hcl

  • Don’t take this if you are using an acid blocker medication.

  • If you get heartburn stop and call me – the esophagus has to be healed before it can handle digestive fire.

  • If you get a sharp pain under your right rib cage stop and call me – the stomach has to be healed before it can handle digestive fire.

  • Digestive Enzymes

  • If this causes constipation, stop and call me – after years of weak digestion, the intestine muscles aren’t strong enough to push through well digested food. We need a constipation protocol to help the intestines handle strong digestion.

  • Probiotics

  • These often cause some gas, cramping or even skin eruptions as they are killing off bad bacteria. Stop until symptoms subside and then start with 1 every other day, increasing slowly.

  • Megaspore is only phase 1 – rotating in other probiotics chosen specifically for your health needs will help with a fully balanced gut microbiome.

Starting with these magic pills can strengthen your own digestion so that eventually you won’t need to carry a handful of pills for every meal. Do you notice improvements, less bloating, more energy with these magic pill digestive supplements?

Order your Magic Pills for Digestive Fire here.

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