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_______   About Anna

Wow, it's not over; it's just starting.  I had this profound realization at 45 that I likely have half a lifetime left and I want to feel well and enjoy this time. I had spent years healing adrenal fatigue, IBS and autoimmune disorders.  I had perfected my food, supplement and lifestyle routine so that I could feel well while working and raising kids. The next lesson was to learn how to feel well without my strict routine!  

I spent the next 12 years learning just that.  How can I heal my adrenals, gut, immune system enough so that I can stress it again - go on vacation, deal with jetlag, eat whatever is available? 

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_______  What People Say

 "One year after finishing the program I still don't have the sugar cravings that had prompted me to call Anna and I had forgotten about the back pain and heartburn I used to have"      

Anne, Sacramento  


"I refer patients to Anna who want to know more about how nutrition affects their lives.  She has been able to provide them with easy to understand information that they can incorporate into their lives to achieve long-lasting results.  They always comment on her patience and her understanding of real-life issues."

Linnea, Family Nurse Practitioner, Fort Bragg, CA


Anna left me feeling validated, understood, and comforted! I don't always have the most positive experiences with health practitioners, but she went above and beyond to walk me through my digestive issues in an approachable and judgement-free manner. I noticed improvements within 24 hours of my first consultation. I can't thank her enough! 

Ashley, Marin


I am a REPEAT client. Two years ago, she helped figure out food allergens that were significant triggers in my asthma. After working with Anna, my daily asthma medicines are down from 5 meds to 1.  Angela, Florida


"Anna helped me with a chronic condition that I have struggled with since I was a child. With her guidance, I have felt better than I think I ever have. Her knowledge and experience are invaluable! She is thorough, patient, informative, and provides great education about nutrition and it's part in your health, and in your diet guidelines. Thanks Anna!!"

Britanee   YELP

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