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  • Writer's pictureAnna Rathbun, NC

My Healing Journey

As a young adult I was very sick; suffering from multiple autoimmune disorders and constant indigestion with food cravings.

Eventually I learned to avoid foods that made me sick. In 2003 I went back to school to study holistic nutrition at Bauman College in Northern California. I learned how to truly heal myself and enjoy vibrant health along with delicious food.

I have a passionate drive to alleviate the pain, indigestion and raging autoimmune disorders that are sapping away at your quality of life.

I know what it's like to feel sick for days, weeks and years. Some of us are born that way, with a body just too sensitive to every single problem. We are told that autoimmunity is incurable and will probably spread - giving us 2 or 3 autoimmune disorders in a lifetime.

​I have worked my way through indigestion, irritable bowel, mercury poisoning, multiple food sensitivities, anxiety, depression and autoimmune thyroid. In 17 years of professional practice I have helped a variety of different people with unique challenges and autoimmune sicknesses to work through their own health.

Now I am over 50 and much healthier than I was as a teenager. Imagine your health 5, 10, 20 years from now. Do you want your health to improve as you use this time to learn the unique needs of your very special body and continue to learn and improve on self care as you grow older.

When I had two toddlers in the house I vowed to never be bored again in my life. If I teeter on the brink of bored I will enjoy staring into space. Now I have plenty of time to stare into space - I have learned to use this time to rest so that I can save my adrenals to do fun things.

Growing older does not have to be a downhill slide. Yes, certain skin, ligaments and joints may break down, but our knowledge, skill and time for self care can grow now.

Now I love helping people learn to enjoy healthy, satisfying food.

Today I use a combination of food, supplements and lifestyle adjustments to help people with digestive and autoimmune problems to feel better.

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