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Soothing the Winter Flu

I hope you're warm and healthy this winter. Here is a collection of my favorite cold, flu remedies to help you and your loved ones. I'm hoping you don't need this information. Just in case, you can save this post to refer to in the future.

Broth is helpful when a person is too sick to eat enough food. One cup of bone broth contains 9 grams of protein and is rich in minerals and sodium to replace important electrolytes that get low with lack of food and a fever. You can purchase boxed bone broth, make your own bone broth full of additional healing herbs or make a vegetarian broth full of minerals and electrolytes to keep the body hydrated.

A healthy Jell-O is soothing and cooling to a sore throat. It can be made with anti-inflammatory cherry juice and anti-viral manuka honey while adding any combination of your favorite herbs. I added an elderberry echinacea tincture to this batch.

Zinc, Vitamin C and a range of other vitamins can help ease discomfort and boost the immune system. Zinc is important, but I have found many people consuming too much zinc recently. Zinc lozenges or gummies may start to taste strong, bitter or metallic if you've gotten too much. These items are available locally, or set up an account at my online dispensary.

When the cough sets in at the end of a sickness, I prefer to use straight steam in the room to soothe a cough. Enough steam in the air will soothe the lungs and in most cases alleviate a cough. If this isn't enough, osha is a great herb for a stubborn cough.

Here's an Immune Questionnaire to look at your own immune health before, during and after a sickness.

These are gentle, at home remedies and do not replace medical care. If you are having trouble breathing, are at high risk, or the sickness feels very bad please contact your medical doctor or call 911 for immediate care.

Schedule to come up with your personal immune health plan.


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