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Halloween Orange and Teal Pumpkins

How many ways can I dress up food for Halloween? Spooky Spider Deviled Eggs and Spidery Celery for breakfast. Mini Web Pizzas and Pumpkin Carrots for Lunch. Pretzels and Chocolate make another Spider and Hazelnuts with Dates make adorable Bats.

For dinner I used to feed my kids with strong protein before a late night of snickers, sweet tarts, ghouls and goblins. This was a night for burgers which help stabilize blood sugar for a long time to prevent tears and stomach aches. Yes, on other nights I will make salmon and vegetables. True health includes a healthy flexible mental attitude around food - for most people. For children with food allergies you can communicate with your neighbors about the Teal Pumpkin


The Teal Pumpkin project encourages non food treats for Halloween. You simply set a teal pumpkin outside the door with the Jack-o-lanterns. Families with food allergies will know this is a safe house to visit and the child can use a teal treat bag to request non food treats. Treat ideas include Halloween stickers, glow sticks, fidget toys, large bouncy balls, Pokémon Trick or Trade Halloween BOOster packs. You can still have candy available, just pull one bowl of treats or another based on the child and color of the treat bag.

Here are some ways you can feel better with food, both mentally and physically.

  • Enjoy healthy meals with a flexible mental attitude around food.

  • Navigating food allergies so you can still enjoy Halloween and work on healing the underlying cause.

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