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Step 1 to Increase Energy and Mood

The single first instruction I give to my clients is to eat protein within 2 hours of waking.


You may be suffering from a variety of different ailments, but this one tip helps my clients to feel better immediately. Protein is the building block for happy chemicals in the brain so a protein breakfast can increase happiness for the rest of the day. Protein also stabilizes the blood sugar for the rest of the day so you're less likely to get that afternoon crash and sugar craving.

Protein choices vary from person to person - the trick is to use more of a stronger protein than you are used to and to consume a full size portion within 2 hours of waking. Protein is found in high amounts in animal foods and in smaller amounts in dairy, beans and nuts.

Some examples of a protein breakfast for a person who eats everything:

* 2 eggs with corn tortilla's, wilted spinach and salsa

* Turkey sausage with sweet potato and sauteed kale

* Almond flour pancakes with plenty of egg

Some examples of a protein breakfast for those who aren't used to eating animal products.

* 25 grams of protein from Rice, pea or whey protein powder shake

* 1 cup of Beans or Tofu - only for those with strong digestion.

For step # 1 grain or cereal breakfasts do not count. If you are tired then grains can cause unstable blood sugar which will cause you to be more tired. Yes, oats, quinoa and amaranth are nutritious foods and they have a place in a long term diet, but for breakfast if you want more energy, focus on protein.

After you have fully experienced the increased energy of a protein breakfast, then your body's energy system will be ready to experiment with lighter choices.

I use a unique system starting with a building diet to help you feel strong, stable and energized. After you feel strong and energized, the cleansing part of your plan will be welcomed. In the end you will settle into a balanced diet that feels right for you while understanding when to build, cleanse or balance your own food choices.

Build then cleanse then balance - each one of these steps should feel good and energizing. Most people benefit from starting with a building diet and protein in the morning to increase energy and stability. How has protein for breakfast helped you?

Visit my lecture on this subject here.


Anna Rathbun, NC


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