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Health Planner 2021

This health planner works by turning your health desires into actionable steps that are

easy to do and fit your lifestyle. This is the process I use to help people reverse chronic conditions that cause exhaustion, body pain and irritable bowel. When people are struggling with chronic conditions they simply don't have the energy to embark on a huge 'health plan'. Instead each plan can be broken down into steps that fit your lifestyle and support your health.

Begin by stating your Health Goal in the positive. "have more energy" "figure out my joint pain". Note that "lose.... " and "stop...." are not positive so they have to be flipped around and stated in the positive.

Next step - break it down. If you want to switch to have more energy you have to understand why you're tired - sleep more, eat breakfast, go for a walk?

Next step is to prepare -How can you get to bed earlier? Turn of devices, set a reminder to turn off the lights? What do you need to do to eat breakfast - go shopping, set up a grab n go breakfast or save more time for a sit down breakfast? How can you make going for a walk easier? Keep shoes and coat in the car? Walk at lunch time? Make a plan with a friend?

In the end the only steps you have to remember are those in the prepare column. Once you're prepared and set up then following through it easy!

Simply click here to download the planner, print it out and follow along with my video.


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