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Boost Your Metabolism Tip #1

Metabolism determines whether your food gives you great energy or is stored as fat to protect you from starving. With strong digestion, each calorie and nutrient is efficiently broken down to provide energy and nutrients for a healthy body. In my Metabolism Workshop we fine tune your body so that each calorie can be used efficiently - as energy to enjoy your life. There will be no restrictions or calorie counting, just working with your body mechanisms to help food create health and energy.

The first part to fine tune is your digestion.

Do you have any of these weak stomach symptoms?

  • Bloating or burping after meals?

  • Heartburn or GERD?

  • A feeling that food just sits like a lump in your stomach?

Are you familiar with that uncomfortable bloated feeling in the stomach. The food just sits there, piling up and at the same time you're craving bread and butter - anything to alter the miserable feeling.

Weak digestion starts with low stomach acid - the food simply sits in the stomach and ferments, causing expansion which bloats the stomach and causes burping. It's easy to overeat when stomach acid is off because you're never really satisfied, you're not getting all the healthy nutrients out of your food and eating temporarily dulls the pain.

Digestion for metabolism

A healthy stomach is extremely high in acid so that the acid efficiently 'burns' up food, sterilizing it and breaking it down so you can convert it into energy. Good stomach acid triggers the whole digestive system to work - from hydrochloric acid in the stomach to enzymes and bile in the small intestine and to probiotics in the large intestine. This amazing digestion factory is the fuel system for your metabolism.

To help your stomach make the right amount of hydrochloric acid

  • Sip 1/2 tablespoon of organic, unfiltered apple cider vinegar in 1/2 cup warm water before breakfast.

If you've heard about the magical healing benefits of apple cider vinegar, this is it. ACV has been credited with curing acne, reversing arthritis and normalizing bowels as well as helping with weight loss. The healing action is in your own stomach working properly and ACV is simply the exact right pH trigger for your stomach to turn food efficiently into energy and nutrients.

More isn't better, so please don't chug the apple cider vinegar straight. If you feel a sharp pain in the rib area then stop the apple cider vinegar and call me. The pain means your stomach lining isn't strong enough to handle this step - we simply have to back up and strengthen your stomach lining before strengthening your stomach acid.

Health plans shouldn't be about what not to eat, but figuring out your unique obstacles to health so your body naturally wants to be healthy most of the time while still enjoying a treat when it's appropriate. Health starts with digestion - those symptoms above not only influence how well you burn your food calories, but affect fatigue, body pain, thyroid and all autoimmune diseases.

For a thorough review of your body processes that determine Metabolism sign up for my class here.

I hope this information has helped you - feel free to reply to this email with questions and to let me know how you're feeling.


Anna Rathbun, NC


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