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My Adrenal Fatigue Story

I am so grateful to the movie Desperately Seeking Susan - do you remember that? Madonna and Patricia Arquette in a classic amnesia plot line?

I had been shuttling kids to school and sports; shopping, cleaning and cooking for my family and teaching nutrition groups. One day I could not get up to make breakfast. I could not get dressed. I just could not do one more thing. I called in sick to work and called my mom to pick up the kids. Then I laid on the couch. This was before movies on demand. You would flip through the TV and get excited when a fun movie happened to be on. It was the perfect medicine, laying on the couch by myself watching the perfect movie.

No - this movie did not cure my tendency for adrenal fatigue but it started me on a journey of studying stress and the adrenal glands. The next day I was able to get up, go to work and pick up the kids. For the next 15 years I studied adrenal fatigue in myself, in others and through the latest holistic nutrition technology. I found a way to heal and prevent the burnt out exhaustion that hits when we put too much out without nourishing ourselves.

15 years later the kids are gone, the hot flashes have settled down, and I have a bit more freedom in my day and my work. I've found a sense of calm and freedom only available in the second half of life.

What started you on the journey to seek solutions for Adrenal Fatigue?


Anna Rathbun, NC

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